Standing Sets

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Clients like to shoot at BC Studio because it’s so much more than a white room – it’s a real location. We have in place a working kitchen (with a Wolf Stove), dining room with large daylight windows, living room with French doors, bathroom with old fashioned tub, and even a workbench with tools. Many varied looks can be created just by pointing the camera in a different direction. Clients have filmed sets for historical documentaries, music videos, television pilots, industrial and commercial videos, make-up tutorials and instructional videos!

The studio includes:

● Hair and Make-Up—We have a dedicated hair and make-up area, allowing the makeup and hair artists to work in a clean, well ventilated, color-correct environment, so your talent can look their best in front of the camera. Beauty stylists and performers both love the professional atmosphere offered by our makeup room. Plus, it can be used as a set!

● The Studio Space—What sets our studio apart is its vibrant atmosphere and open design.  The studio space is 875 square feet with a 12 foot ceiling. It possible to position the camera at a 45 degree diagonal and achieve a 28′ long shot! We have a freight elevator, 300 amps of electricity, and free WiFi. The pre-lit green screen and the standing sets are all in the same location.

● Light Control—Full daylight from the large windows is sometimes what is desired. But often full darkness is needed. No problem. We have floor-to ceiling sound blankets that create a total black-out and deaden the outside sound as well.

● Working Kitchen—The kitchen is both a background set, and a live, working kitchen with a Wolf Stove. A free-standing island in the center, with clean butcher-block surface, serves as a handy platform for cooking demonstrations. Lots of pots, pans, dishes and table settings to choose from so you may not have to rent from outside.

● Post— We have a full service editing bay on site ready to review camera set ups, check a sound recording, test a chroma key or cut together anything you would like. BC Green Screen Studio of NYC can truly handle all of your video production needs.

Bring your own crew or use ours. We have a top-notch professionals standing by to work on your next project. Reach out to us today to get started!